Monday, September 19, 2016


It's been a beautiful day today.
I wear a bright yellow to work to kick-start the week. Baba and Arif (my brother) sleep on the way.
As usually with plenty of stuff in my hands, my stethoscope falls on the floor as I head for my clinic. A staff (carpenter I guess) picks it up for me and also opens the door for me. I smile a thank you.

So many patients later, we
take a break for lunch. I share the shami kebab I made with my nurses. They praise. I smile a thank you.

It's been a great clinic today. Finished on time as well. As I wait for my gari I sit in the hospital lawn. Most people are heading home. They look likes birds returning.

Back home I listen to songs with my bhatija. We sway a little. He smiles his dimpled smile. And I call it a day.