Saturday, April 21, 2018

Z travels : Nathiagali #beautiful Pakistan

Last weekend took me to Nathiagali for a conference. The flight was from Karachi to Islamabad and then three hours by car to Nathiagali.
I was amazed and mesmerized by the beauty and quiet of this place. I stayed at a place called 'Summer retreat'.

 I had left the heat of Karachi to see the winter of Nathiagali. I woke early only to find that breakfast will be served three hours later. I usually take an electric kettle, tea bags and rainbow milk with me for readily available chai. So after a cup of chai, I decided to take a mini hike around.
 Pictured is the morning view. 
Adjacent to Summer retreat was Hotel green retreat.
Near Nathiagali is a place called Abashar. Its a waterfall area. Pictured is me with my friends figuring ourselves out for a group picture.
It has multiple small dhabas and tables and chairs placed along the route of waterfall. They serve garam garam pakoras with chai.

Travel is amazing. Pakistan is amazing.
B-bye for now.