Saturday, January 13, 2018

Karachi eat festival

It was around twelve noon when we left home for Karachi Eat Festival. It takes quite a bit of time from home to Benazir park. The weather was hot. The parking far. We parked in the service road opposite the venue. On the whole, it was pretty well managed.

Things we tried 

We started with these bun kebabs from 'National' stall. They also had fresh orange juice. The buns were nice, and the juice nice and chilled.
We then tested 'paay' from 'Shan' stall. Liked it as well. Did not take pictures of it. So sorry
This was followed by some chaat and ice cream.

In addition to food

There was a play area for the little ones.....
There were multiple stalls for children with themes likes painting, games, face painting.

Things that I did not taste but made quite a nice picture.

Of course money can buy happiness (read ice cream). Any day. Any time. 

The final verdict

We did not try all the stalls. Reason: we had two children age 3 and below and their added tantrums. Abba was tired after the drive. And it was, rather hot today.
On the whole it was a good experience. Do visit but not in the afternoon. Leave children at home if they are not your own.

Bye peoples.