Saturday, January 10, 2015


Its been absolutely soooo many days since I posted. What prompted me to write is my new fan on my facebook fan page. So this post is for you girl!

Once upon a time some Chinese

One fine beautiful evening, this young lady booked a table in Ginsoy extreme Chinese for five people. The picture below is of the dragon chicken. Basically its something of a chicken pakora dipped in mayo-mustard sauce. Interesting. 

Saturday Afternoon ..... PK

So my brother tells me that he has downloaded the HD version of PK. With the interesting reviews that I've been hearing about I plan to watch it, once I complete a task or two. And like it always happens, it happened again. While finishing a bowl of fruit chaat, I plan to watch the movie for  the ten initial minutes. The minutes stretch to half an hour. The remaining chaat in the fridge is eaten. One hour elaspses. Ten more minutes and then another hour gone. I eat half a samosa in the middle. And yes, so I watched it complete. Such, such fun!!!!!!
I can still hear the songs echoing in my head....... tinga tinga nanga panga dost....