Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Health story 1

The last months biostats course involved a lot of sitting followed by food. Refined food. Patties. Croissonts. Cakes.
So here I am with 1 kg extra weight and a chubby face.

So now what to do....
Eat less or atleast eat healthy and exercise.

One way of loosing weight is to keep a food diary.
I am not mentioning yesterday's food. No way am I gonna tell my fans that I had croissont with (loads) of chocolate dressing, and later fried chicken and a soft drink followed by kulfi.
Hence from today I made a promise to my self that my diet needs to behave. Here' s what i ve had so far:
Breakfast: boiled egg, milk and a banana.
Later for snack: grapes, apple, banana.

Lunch: sphaghetti with fish.

At four a friend puts fries in front of my round face. And i keep moving my head but my eyes keep staring at the golden beauties. Ok. So I had them. And then headed for 35 minutes of taekwondo.......

Have no other pic hence sharing my dirty shoes again! Sorrrrrrrry