Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rat kill episode II

Ok guys, so our home has been invaded by a larger then life rat. Huge, fat, black. I absolutely detest him. And I'd seen him on my bed. I jumped that day and left the room to the beast. Episode one was spent cutting tomatoes, and sprinkling the rat kill masala. Overnight the tomatoes rested in the loo. As I closed the bathroom door, I had sarcastically said 'good night sweet heart!'. My brother had a hearty laugh at that. 

The next morning........
The tomatoes lay there untouched. And so did the rat I guess. After an intense discussion on this with my father, I gathered that its guava that they like. The next day was spent finding the fruit. Out of season it was. But we found a few. At night I sat, cut them into lovely slices, and sprinkled the rat kill masala. (It was labeled 200% asli!!).

 One set of above I left in my bathroom, the other in my parents bathroom and the third in the corridor. 
What happened the next morning was like repeat telecast. Except that the guava have an intimidating smell. Nauseating to be more precise. So the guavas are still in my loo. Resting. The smart rat (or rats??) are doing the same. Maybe that bunch is having a hearty laugh at me. 
Adios for now people.

P.S. I watsapped the above pic to my sis and she asked if I am making biscuits (?!?!).