Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Karak and not so karak


Ami makes the nicest of teas. And I do the exact opposite. Its something that genes donot pick up. But then Baba made the horriblest of tea a few days back. There you go then!

Not so kurkurey

Some lessons you learn from life the hard way. Yes, so I am guilty of munching these beauties at exactly midnight yesterday. I sealed the remaining in the plastic bag. About 18 hours later, they tasted like paper. Seasoned paper. Next time, eat them there and then. 

Lonely photo

In the biostats course you are not allowed to take tea in the class room. Its 2 pm. Sun is scorching. I finish my tea. In the end take this picture so I can add it to my blog for some intellectual comment later.  However no intellectual thought comes to me for now. Just enjoy the pic guys.