Friday, July 26, 2013

Emails to Baba

Baba has left for Indonesia. Here are our emails.

 Dear all,

 Plane left Karachi exactly on time. The passenger sitting with me was a young Sindhi boy who was going for his mechanical engineering education from some university in Malaysia. He asked me so many questions when he learnt I have worked in Malaysia.
From Bangkok to Jakarta I slept well. Most of the seats were empty.
Flight reached in time at Jakarta. The driver was there to pick me.
I did not fast. Had lunch at KFC in one shopping mall.
 Reached around 7pm at Jatiluhur. Mr. Akbar invited for dinner. Joined Taraweeh with Mr. Shafqat.
Saheri will be at 4am (closing 4:30). Menu has been fixed by Hotel as Omlete, rice and bread. Let us see how it goes.
Has Zarka followed for Income tax?

With love to all,

Dear Baba,
Hope the omelet sehris are going well. Junaid arrived. Bua left. Import. Export. Ami, Arif and Fozia are having the post guests discussion. Fozia is angry, Arif is laughing from time to time. Ami has been combing her hair for the past one hour.
If you have two weeks off, you might as well come back to Pakistan. Time is money.
We missed sehri last night. I woke ten minutes past sehri. Everyone had had their dinner late except me. There was food in the fridge, water in the bottle, but no time. Oh well. 'This too shall pass', I had thought. And it did.
I have tea on my left as I type. And there is water that I can drink. Alhamdulillah!
Do update on the Indonesia travels.